For such a day, I shall live

Most people are other people Most people don’t use/aren’t aware/don’t have time to make use of their thinking/feeling/sensing capacities Most people are tired, just of/from living/working & appearing like they have everything sorted out Most people are robbed of their attention while believing that they are in control Most people are you and me We … Continue reading For such a day, I shall live

be yourself…?

be yourself everyone who wants to sound wise or is wise, says just that be yourself what does that mean? what does it entail? is it a journey or a destination? a journey, lifelong at that, many wise folk say is it a frozen sense of my self or a flowing/dynamic/evolving one? may be a … Continue reading be yourself…?

I didn’t see myself as a giver

I didn’t see myself as a giver Until I had nothing else left to give I didn’t see myself as a giver Until every ounce of me was ready to give up I didn’t see myself as a giver Until my friends whispered it into my soul I didn’t see it in me I saw … Continue reading I didn’t see myself as a giver

allow yourself to break

allow yourself to break every now and then bleed if you must, into that brokenness sit with her, you may not know how ; that’s ok she will show you what you didn’t want to see, you may not know how; that’s ok with this newfound tenderness she will help you break into spring, you … Continue reading allow yourself to break

..careful what you wish for

joy is a but a tiny window into the heart space unsought pain and suffering is what breaks it open open and bare in a way that you never wanted walking with open , raw, woundedness , light shimmering through your tears you muster the strength somehow to allow the breath to flow in and … Continue reading ..careful what you wish for

What if there was no purpose to find

What if there was no purpose to find What if we lived our life's purpose everyday, just not aware? What if ceasing the search and just living was all that was needed? What if we complicate it way too much & pat our own backs to have found what was never hidden? Like all other … Continue reading What if there was no purpose to find

Words are escaping me

Words are escaping me T..h..o..u..g..h..t..s more like dotted lines The gap is familiar unfamiliar still stormy numb loud Being here is not always a choice An act of will? Illusory at best A cursory laugh A temporary shower of joy do glide away Oh, how hard we are taught to fight the glide! Is this … Continue reading Words are escaping me

Be the journey

Just wake up Wake up and breathe Breathe and be still Be still and watch Watch the un-stillness Just wake up and walk Walk and smell the smells Smell the pleasant Letting the unpleasant just be Just wake up and sing Sing the songs you were given And those you were not Sing to know … Continue reading Be the journey

how has it come to be..

From two estranged paths life brought us to each other Effortlessly we fell into each other’s embrace Without a care for how another’s eyes would see us With heart strings attached, souls glistening through our eyes, we found each other We were supposed to shine like warm sun rays We were supposed to breathe life … Continue reading how has it come to be..