Breaking, yet again..

The I in me is breaking, yet again All there is , is a tsunami of pain Having been alive for a few seasons I know not to push it away , for I will fall harder I will watch it, embrace it , burst open with it , crawl back into it I am … Continue reading Breaking, yet again..

how has it come to be..

From two estranged paths life brought us to each other Effortlessly we fell into each other’s embrace Without a care for how another’s eyes would see us With heart strings attached, souls glistening through our eyes, we found each other We were supposed to shine like warm sun rays We were supposed to breathe life … Continue reading how has it come to be..

What questions do you wrestle with?

Does the ease of sharing images on Insta make us appreciate life more? Does the ease of connecting on Facebook help drop our defenses? Does tracking a friend’s status on WhatsApp help us build trust? Does the ease of uploading our videos to gain “likes” bring us joy? Does the ease of ordering stuff online … Continue reading What questions do you wrestle with?

Albeit momentarily What is it like to be me, what is it like to be you? Is it what I am that I see in you? What is it like to be true to oneself? Is it when you know to love your own true self? What is it like to be loved, to connect with … Continue reading Albeit momentarily

My Whale watching experience-a poem

Blessed are we that we live in your presence Amidst your effortless grace , magnanimity  We pay money to come see you glide in your own house  And then expect you to give us a performance , one that’s the best, unique & special i.e. one that no one else known to us has experienced … Continue reading My Whale watching experience-a poem

Reimagining Growth: From Only Profits to Profits with Well-Being

As of 2018, according to the International Labor Organization(ILO), we have 7.8 billion on the planet and 3.3 billion of us form the working age population of 15 or older. This is 61.4 percent of the globe engaged in work at any given point.  Goal # 3 of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is Ensure … Continue reading Reimagining Growth: From Only Profits to Profits with Well-Being

Let’s meet

Let’s meet  Let’s meet in the space where borders do not exist  Let’s meet in the space where our masks become irrelevant Let’s meet in the space where we see & receive each other with no judgements , where our thoughts are suspended  Let’s meet in the space where You and I are fully present, … Continue reading Let’s meet

Us humans

Us humans, who do we think we are? Us humans, we keep taking more and more Want her to be grateful that we are waking up? Us humans, the more we take the more we need Calling ourselves evolved, we crush millions of other species Ignorant, self- centered, living in a trance of busyness We … Continue reading Us humans

41 Paradigm Shifts for the new decade

Disclaimer: I am not an expert or a guru and don’t intend on being seen as one. My intention here is to share my thoughts which I have been wrestling with in my headspace over the years as a consumer, as an earthly citizen and as a keen observer processing the meta in everyday life. … Continue reading 41 Paradigm Shifts for the new decade

Nothing absolute about us

This Women's day I did not feel like writing about the obvious and have instead gone the route of reflecting upon how we define and experience ourselves/others over the course of a lifetime. Our definition of ourselves is limiting not only for us but also extends to those around us. In my humble opinion, everyone … Continue reading Nothing absolute about us