11 books that informed my thoughts in 2019

For the last post in 2019, I would like to share some book titles which has influenced how I think as an individual and as an individual living in a systemic environment. I picked up some of these titles from Bill Gates's list last year and many were references in other books. Of these 11… Continue reading 11 books that informed my thoughts in 2019

Creative birthing..Are you in labor yet?

Exploring the 'creative' process using the lens of child birth and pregnancy.

9 Books on Health & Food that changed my relationship to food & my body

Walking on my unique path, I feel supported and connected to all that is Life.-Pooja Joshi

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My dirty laundry epiphany

My dirty laundry epiphany I am beginning this blog with a confession for a change.Here it goes.. I spend a lot of my time denying my humanly flaws and limitations. Somewhere I nurture a belief that I am superior to others or better than others in some ways. Where I learned that from? Well, I… Continue reading My dirty laundry epiphany

After all family is family…

It has taken me quite an experience to understand this fact of life. For years I heard people say this to me and I was also fortunate to see some people act on this belief. Being a person who needs to experience things first hand to understand them ( you can read it stubborn), it… Continue reading After all family is family…