My first published book- 35 Life Enhancers: Prayers, Affirmations and Poems

For all those of you who have been reading my blog, you may be familiar with a category on my blog titled 'Life Enhancers'. My book 35 Life Enhancers is an extension of that category where I offer life affirming words in the form of prayers, affirmations and poems. It has been a desire of… Continue reading My first published book- 35 Life Enhancers: Prayers, Affirmations and Poems

Not afraid to be ordinary

I have to admit right at the outset that ever since I was a kid I disliked anything which was ‘normal’, ‘regular’, ‘conventional’.  I would often ask why rituals are done a certain way or why do I have to follow social rules which my brother didn’t have to follow. And you know what the… Continue reading Not afraid to be ordinary

Cruising the skies or waiting in the Hangar?

I do not know what is it about air travel or travel in general and the flow of thoughts combined with the urge to pen them down. It’s almost like an irresistible urge. Something very similar to when you just have to go to the bathroom and can’t control your pee any longerJ Wonder if… Continue reading Cruising the skies or waiting in the Hangar?

Spiritual & Worldly..The Dichotomy.

My tryst with spiritual contemplation and exploration began with the questions: Why do I exist? Why am I here? Most of us have struggled with these existential questions at some point of time in our lives. Some of us chose to ignore it and agreed to bury it deep down inside forever.  One way or… Continue reading Spiritual & Worldly..The Dichotomy.

The Wisdom in Stillness

    Being still does not mean you are stagnant. When you are separated from external activity, through an illness, job loss etc, it is not a punishment. Embrace it as a time for renewal and healing. Winter is nature’s time to lie low and renew. Everyone one of us lives through different seasons in… Continue reading The Wisdom in Stillness

If you let it go , you do not care enough..Is it so?

When was the last time you tried your best to salvage an already broken relationship? OR made some offers to an employee who had decided to leave the corporate world for good but YOU wanted him to be there...Even in a tricky situation like an ailing person on the anvil of death who wants nothing… Continue reading If you let it go , you do not care enough..Is it so?

I have had enough..a least in my life!

I have had enough..a fallacy..atleast in my life!Throughout my life till now (mind you I have lived 25 long years) I always had experiences that called for more than the normal from me. Mainly the environment at home made me grow at a pace much faster than my peers. That’s how I registered a gap… Continue reading I have had enough..a least in my life!

It’s there now…it’s not..

It’s there now…it’s not..Temporary..Unpredictable..Uncertain..Pleasures of life..Many of us must be passing through these phases of happiness, then pain and then pleasure again. I cannot generalize this statement, for, very few of us realize this and even fewer make it vocal. Some practical men choose to ignore it saying it is a waste of their time… Continue reading It’s there now…it’s not..