Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Miles to go before I Sleep…

Bidding Adieu has never been easy,
For, there are strings of moments attached.

Moments, when you were frustrated and no one heard
Moments, when you wanted to do something but couldn’t.
Moments, when you were joyous and felt the whole universe in your palm
Moments, when you were uncertain but guided people through the paths you had trailed..

Amidst a desert, you find an oasis
…when you were thirsty and a colleague fetched you water…
…when you were lonely and a peer held your hand…

The Journey seemed to have twisted roads, but,
Smiling your way through it, never let you bend.
Courage to stand up for what one believes in is rare to find
Just have faith in yourself and Life will be a treat till the end…

Difficulties, whenever you face, close your eyes and feel your heart say..
“Miles to Go before I Sleep”
For, it’s always the Journey that defines you, than the destination you have reached…

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