Us humans

Us humans, who do we think we are?

Us humans, we keep taking more and more

Want her to be grateful that we are waking up?

Us humans, the more we take the more we need

Calling ourselves evolved, we crush millions of other species

Ignorant, self- centered, living in a trance of busyness

We look only 2 feet beyond our noses

Is this what evolution looks like?

Us humans, we take pride in our modern societies

Us humans, we refuse to change our habits

Why? Are they such a gift to where the earth is today?

Us humans, we have too much information & no knowledge

Do we even understand we are not IT?

Do we realize we share the planet and its beauty with other beings?

We create more of ‘our’ own only to be left alone?

We hide behind excuses everyday hoping someone else will save us

Us humans, who do we think we are?

Image Courtesy: My friend and earth lover Cindy (Cin Cin)

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