What questions do you wrestle with?

Does the ease of sharing images on Insta make us appreciate life more?

Does the ease of connecting on Facebook help drop our defenses? 

Does tracking a friend’s status on WhatsApp help us build trust?

Does the ease of uploading our videos to gain “likes” bring us joy? 

Does the ease of ordering stuff online in an instant make us better humans? 

Does the possibility of space travel make us better neighbors?

If technology is making our life easier, simpler and more connected, do we feel more at ease/at peace?

For the extra time we supposedly gain, are we really enjoying a better quality of life? 

Would a poet not be one if she couldn’t scream her work out? 

Would we never realize that we are mistreating our bodies if there wasn’t an app for it?

As you may have guessed, I am a skeptic

A skeptic who wonders if the conveniences we have invented to propel our species are in fact the very ones robbing us of our intelligence, our capacity to feel love & our capacities to probe into what it means or what it could mean to be human. 

What questions do you wrestle with?

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