Breaking, yet again..

The I in me is breaking, yet again 

All there is , is a tsunami of pain 

Having been alive for a few seasons I know not to push it away , for I will fall harder 

I will watch it, embrace it , burst open with it , crawl back into it 

I am a warrior who acknowledges her fragility 

Every once in a while, I feel that tinge of harshness 

Which is but another expression of the pain that dances within 

I know I am not alone in this experience 

I have sisters and brothers in all beings 

That sense of togetherness is uniquely experienced in pain 

From nowhere else arises such an opportunity to be compassionate 

Pain when felt from the small “I” divides 

When felt through the collective/larger “I” unites 

When felt through the cosmic eye liberates 

Such tall words from a tiny being, ready to break, yet again 

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