41 Paradigm Shifts for the new decade

Disclaimer: I am not an expert or a guru and don’t intend on being seen as one. My intention here is to share my thoughts which I have been wrestling with in my headspace over the years as a consumer, as an earthly citizen and as a keen observer processing the meta in everyday life.… Continue reading 41 Paradigm Shifts for the new decade

The Wisdom in Stillness

    Being still does not mean you are stagnant. When you are separated from external activity, through an illness, job loss etc, it is not a punishment. Embrace it as a time for renewal and healing. Winter is nature’s time to lie low and renew. Everyone one of us lives through different seasons in… Continue reading The Wisdom in Stillness

Fly Away!

Free as a bird who knows the strength of her wings I fly in the open sky My wings are lighter and stronger by the burdens I chose to carry and alight A solitary journey it is or I thought it was that I have travelled so far My fellow travelers only hidden in the… Continue reading Fly Away!

Connectivity…in the world of computers and life(read lives).

It is said that GOD or the supreme power by which ever name you wish to call HIM, is the master of all creations. Very appropriately and beautifully so he installed the hardware and software in us. The software being one that keeps learning , growing over a period of time which could run into… Continue reading Connectivity…in the world of computers and life(read lives).