Connectivity…in the world of computers and life(read lives).

It is said that GOD or the supreme power by which ever name you wish to call HIM, is the master of all creations. Very appropriately and beautifully so he installed the hardware and software in us. The software being one that keeps learning , growing over a period of time which could run into days/ months/ years and lives. The hardware(read – the human body) being subject to constant wear and tear needs to be renewed or discarded and then a new one is provided to continue the journey of learning. The hardware is needed as an instrument for the software to be expressed, to enable voice to feelings/ emotions. Much like the current computer systems it only when you have a monitor that you can see what is in the software and make required changes or work through the use of the Key board, while processing the information through the C.P.U. The important word here is work “through”.

Sometimes I wonder why is it so easy for us to accept the phenomenon of the world being a Global village but difficult for us to even acknowledge the fact that the entire universe is connected, that all happenings around us, in our life, are connected with something that we refer to as past and will flow into the so called future. May be it is easier to understand the language of cables/ wires/ radio stations / ports that we setup but not acknowledge something similar that HE set up. We all are limited or shall I say we choose to limit ourselves to the vision our eyes provide while being open. In the world of computers it is well accepted that there exists connectivity and that we can reach out to anybody in any part of the world, then why is it so difficult for us to appreciate the phenomenon of telepathy/ clairvoyance/ Extra sensory perceptions (ESP). This could be because it is easier to believe that we are the hardware and that nothing else beyond that if of significance.

What is written above is a premise being built by the writer to explain something deeper…Go on…

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the WHYs of life, For example- Why was I born in the family that I was and not in any other? Why is it that the Mom and Dad I have are given to me in such a relationship and not any other? Why is it that some people seem to come in life for a period and then apparently go away?

I got my answers in nature, through reading, observations, introspection and a spiritual organization. All the answers lie in this connectivity. There have always been and will be debates on when the universe began and when will it come to an end because anything found by a human being a relative statement is open for debate. Everything around us is a continuity which we fail to see and appreciate. When you look at the surface, you will find a tree grown in a particular spot, when you look inside the ground, you will find its roots spread far beyond what you can see. All the plants and trees around us do not have seeds sowed by a human being, they have existed much before. Further to this, I would take the analogy of accountancy which is primarily based on two roles, a creditor and a

debtor. One who takes has to return it to the one who has given to settle the books of accounts. What happens between the two is termed as a transaction and it is this transaction or the collection of dues that brings the two into a relationship.

Similarly so, in our lives, the people given to us and who we are given to in whatever relationship as it exists, is out of the creation of some transactions over a period of time( read births) and the settlement of the account of deeds is what brings us into relationships of different intensities. A level higher is that our transactions are for our learning and growth. The creation is so beautiful and perfect that you are given just the kind of experiences through different relationships that you need to become or to discover the beauty of the universe and its happenings.

Another parallel analogy is that of a school. Every standard / class has a particular level of syllabus and subjects which are made to suit the grasping power of a child having average intelligence. The idea is to help the student learn and graduate to different levels. For example, English is a subject that continues right from the beginning to say 15 years of education. Every year the scope of the subject widens and we learn more. Different relationships are given to us to learn different things. The beauty of it is in the variety that exists.

Guess, this should be a good start for many of us who keep wondering/ pondering…

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