For such a day, I shall live

Most people are other people Most people don’t use/aren’t aware/don’t have time to make use of their thinking/feeling/sensing capacities Most people are tired, just of/from living/working & appearing like they have everything sorted out Most people are robbed of their attention while believing that they are in control Most people are you and me We … Continue reading For such a day, I shall live

There is Light seeking us

Quite often when we are shrouded in the clouds of darkness we feel that there is no ray of hope/light. Much to the contrary, light is always surrounding even the darkness and is only finding one small opening to pierce through the dense darkness. There cannot be darkness without light and hence light is always … Continue reading There is Light seeking us

Why seeking help is not crazy?

By help here I am referring to any form of treatment for your mental, emotional and relational health. This could be called psychotherapy, counseling, couples therapy, family therapy,  mental health counseling etc. (I do agree that lot of these titles do a good job of scaring people awayJ ) Do you think you are crazy … Continue reading Why seeking help is not crazy?