For such a day, I shall live

Most people are other people 

Most people don’t use/aren’t aware/don’t have time to make use of their thinking/feeling/sensing capacities 

Most people are tired, just of/from living/working & appearing like they have everything sorted out 

Most people are robbed of their attention while believing that they are in control

Most people are you and me

We give away our power to experts/gurus/technology , outsourcing the inner capacities each one of us truly needs to build 

We don’t like grappling with unknowns, within and outside of ourselves 

We get overwhelmed with complexities/nuances/mysteries & our collective desire for rapid/fast/exponential growth doesn’t afford us the opportunity to sit with questions

With the time we still have on this beautiful planet, let’s birth a future where 

Our children get to explore their humanness not separate from their divineness/wildness 

Our work is an expression of the gifts we carry in service to the wholeness of the universe

Our external systems and structures reflect the beauty, love and harmony we carry within

Our desire for our family’s wellbeing is the same as we would desire for another 

Our sense of family would encompass all earthlings 

Our earth mother thanks us & is proud of who we have become 

For such a day, I shall live

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