Words are escaping me

Words are escaping me T..h..o..u..g..h..t..s more like dotted lines The gap is familiar unfamiliar still stormy numb loud Being here is not always a choice An act of will? Illusory at best A cursory laugh A temporary shower of joy do glide away Oh, how hard we are taught to fight the glide! Is this … Continue reading Words are escaping me

It’s there now…it’s not..

It’s there now…it’s not..Temporary..Unpredictable..Uncertain..Pleasures of life..Many of us must be passing through these phases of happiness, then pain and then pleasure again. I cannot generalize this statement, for, very few of us realize this and even fewer make it vocal. Some practical men choose to ignore it saying it is a waste of their time … Continue reading It’s there now…it’s not..