It’s there now…it’s not..

It’s there now…it’s not..

Temporary..Unpredictable..Uncertain..Pleasures of life..

Many of us must be passing through these phases of happiness, then pain and then pleasure again. I cannot generalize this statement, for, very few of us realize this and even fewer make it vocal. Some practical men choose to ignore it saying it is a waste of their time and energy to mull over such issues (probably the itch caused by the grey cells gets uncontrollable for them)

Well, jokes apart I have been hearing these temporary truths of life from many a sage and some books of wisdom too spell out these in black and white. Even I chose to swing into the roller coaster of smiles and tears for quite some time. One fine day I felt that the love that I was chasing was also for a few good moments of togetherness and many more of sadness arising from separation from my source of love/happiness. Our source of love or happiness could be a person/ a book/ music/ nature/ etc etc..The love within a person is always in the waiting till there is a stimulus like the above that makes it move. Quite naturally any of the sources that holds good for one is also temporary simply because it will not always be there with you, do you think otherwise??

Why is it then that we choose the temporary over the permanent? For that’s the only source of suffering and hence our cleansing. One more fallacy that we deal with is to try and not believe that these indeed are impermanent. We try and make the mistake of possessing the source which leads to even more misery especially when the source happens to be a living being.In the name of love we call for sacrifices from the many people we supposedly love because if they do not act as per our wish “we will not be happy”.Over a period of time we develop a formula for our happiness and anything that challenges it is unwelcome. May be we should sit back and think how may times in life we very subtly as parents, lovers, friends make our source of love change his choice or at least attempt that. We do this because our sense of permanency (love from that source in certain set circumstances/conditions) seems to get challenged if he/she does not act as per our wish.

When I started watching myself from a distance doing all these scenes of smiling one second and shouting the other, I felt like a puppet in the hands of the situation itself. Quite often we let ourselves behave like a tennis ball being shot between two rackets.

Its not that people do not know this but they are afraid of the awakening, for, not many mistakes of an awakened soul are pardonable.

No wonder that our so called society cannot stand the people who love even after one source has taken heaven’s abode or may be simultaneously love 2 or more.

It is only here that there can be rights and wrongs because something which is permanent does not permit duality.

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