Meet your biggest Critic..YOU!

It saddens me to witness so many of my friends and clients become victim to their own inner criticisms. The negative self talk as we know it. Some of us are aware of this constant badgering we put ourselves through and some of us oblivious to it. When we find someone talking out loud to… Continue reading Meet your biggest Critic..YOU!

A thought for Valentine’s day

A thought for Valentine's day The best gift you can give someone is YOU! Love yourself:) Click on the link above and read a few lines I have written with the image I chose on Would love to hear from you!

Forgiving myself- a poem inspired by the picture in here:)

My Spirit wants to dance…

My Spirit wants to dance……but she will have to wait My Spirit wants to dance. She knows the best rhythm and beat that would make her dance but is shying away from it. She dances on other beats too but does not shine in them. If it was only for these beats, she would have… Continue reading My Spirit wants to dance…