Ordinary superpowers of a frail human existence

She wakes up in the morning , looks at her reflection & wonders what power do I even carry? 

The mere thought scares her a bit, powerful and me? Is that even possible? 

I cannot even change my moods at will 

She has been told and shown that power is usually big, massive and not true power unless someone else features the change you are bringing about , that power is only that when someone else says it is so

She walks into the day carrying that shaky ground within herself making decisions fearlessly of what to buy, what to eat, whom to vote for, what to watch, what to wear , whom to talk to & whom to stay away from , when to speak & when silence is enough

Choices that impact the health/well-being of many beings & the Earth at once 

She wears no cape but flawlessly juggles through all her tasks while wondering how could she have done better or where she went wrong? 

The tasks that no one else deems worthy enough to do 

She quietly raises & nurtures life around her – plants saplings & diligently waters them, hums melodies into her child’s heart, glows with the blossoms in her 50 sq. ft garden, listens to the birds, feeds stray animals & yet doesn’t know what she does 

She carries pain within her & makes others smile, extends her compassion transcending her hurt, spreading kindness with the blink of an eye

She stands up to protect others, speaks against injustices inflicted upon others & falls to the ground when her tears overburden her 

She is aware, she has information at her finger tips & yet chooses to not always speak her mind, for she is intelligent & wise with doubts of her own.

She is in the ‘I’ and she is the ‘We’, she is Us.

Can we tell her that the impact of her actions, the ones she takes & those that she doesn’t are life-changing? Not in a Big Bang way but like the silent ripples that reverberate in the Ocean bed? 

Who will tell her that? Will it be you? 

P.S: The use of She isn’t meant to represent the female gender alone. 

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