My Whale watching experience-a poem

Blessed are we that we live in your presence

Amidst your effortless grace , magnanimity 

We pay money to come see you glide in your own house 

And then expect you to give us a performance , one that’s the best, unique & special i.e. one that no one else known to us has experienced before 

Not that you care too much for what we expect 

But you do seem to care to give us exactly what we need to see/experience 

We intrude your space without seeking your permission 

And yet you host us uninvited guests like one of your own 

If one experiences two of you , a pair together , the word magical falls short of what it feels like 

Upon desperately trying to find a word which would limit the experience but also make it relatable, one reaches the word Harmony

You are Harmony and you create Harmony 

We get a fleeting sense of what the word Harmony feels like

Here’s hoping I carry that sense within the deep ocean of my heart & draw upon it to keep gliding with my human limitations 

To then share it with just my sense of being

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