9 women authors and 11 books that you need in your life

This past year has been unique in a way that I got introduced to the works of various women authors. As I read through them one after the other, I found a manner of story telling no matter the subject which was common to all and made even some complex and nuanced topics easy to read.

Sharing these so you can gift these to yourself or ask someone to gift it to you 🙂

9 women authors include bell hooks, Joanna Macy, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Kate Raworth, Riane Eisler, Elisabet Sahtouris, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Pema Chodron and Bobbie Merrill

11 book titles include:

1) all about love 2) Pass it on-five stories that can change the world 3) Braiding Sweetgrass 4) Teaching to transgress 5) World as lover world as self 6) Nurturing our humanity-how domination and partnership shape our brains 7) Doughnut economics 8) Comfortable with uncertainty 9) Women who run with the wolves-myths and stories of the wild woman archetype 10) Gaia’s dance- the story of earth and us 11) Compelling conversations with dolphins and whales in the wild- vital lessons for living in joy and healing our world

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