Fly Away!

Free as a bird who knows the strength of her wings I fly in the open sky My wings are lighter and stronger by the burdens I chose to carry and alight A solitary journey it is or I thought it was that I have travelled so far My fellow travelers only hidden in the … Continue reading Fly Away!

My dirty laundry epiphany

My dirty laundry epiphany I am beginning this blog with a confession for a change.Here it goes.. I spend a lot of my time denying my humanly flaws and limitations. Somewhere I nurture a belief that I am superior to others or better than others in some ways. Where I learned that from? Well, I … Continue reading My dirty laundry epiphany

The “I” in You…

Are you living in the belief that you do things for others or that you are quite virtuous when you care for Others? That you are not talking about yourself when you talk about your beloved or the person you hate the most?If you have answered the above pointers in the affirmatory, I suggest you … Continue reading The “I” in You…

I have had enough..a least in my life!

I have had enough..a fallacy..atleast in my life!Throughout my life till now (mind you I have lived 25 long years) I always had experiences that called for more than the normal from me. Mainly the environment at home made me grow at a pace much faster than my peers. That’s how I registered a gap … Continue reading I have had enough..a least in my life!